10 Fastest Growing Video Conferencing Companies to Watch in 2022 | CIO Coverage
Vivo Technologies, a Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) solution provider, was recognized by CIOCoverage Magazine as one of 10 Fastest Growing Video Conferencing Companies to Watch in 2022.
“Vivo seeks to unleash the power of human potential through superior collaboration. Our team remains focused on innovation and creating better experiences to help keep our customers doing what they are good at while saving them time and resources,” says Spencer Jones, Head of Sales and Marketing.
Our approach to each engagement is to be brand agnostic, consultative, solutions-oriented, and customer centric. We strive to be your I.T. partner and understand your communication and collaboration challenges as well as your platform of choice.
With the rise of hybrid work, and more conference spaces being adopted for video technology, the greater the demand for standardized solutions. Standardizing across an organization helps to simplify and scale.
For more information on Vivo, visit, or Contact Us at 888-840-9979.

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