Poly Trio device on conference room table
The Poly Trio is an interesting option if you are considering Zoom Room hardware, as it is able to be your microphone, speaker and controller. These points, along with its good audio quality, allow it to be a strong option for certain conference rooms.
The option to use a Trio for your Zoom Room further increased as Poly came out with the Poly Virtual USB Connector, which is a program that runs on your Windows 10 machine, which allows your mic and speaker feed go through the network. This eliminated the need for a physical micro USB connection between your Trio and your Zoom Rooms computer. (Note: Poly does state on its website that the Virtual USB Connector is not supported for Windows 11. We have tested the connector on Windows 11 and it does work, but it’s unknown how long this will be the case. I haven’t received any word if Poly is going to come out with a new version supported by Windows 11).
If you are having audio issues, don’t know the admin password, or the phone will not update or successfully provision, I have found that performing a “full“ factory reset (not just in the settings) does help with many of theses issues. Here is a YouTube video showing you how to perform this full factory reset.
You are able to configure the Trio via a provisioning server; however, in my experience, I have found the instructions below to be more successful.
If you do factory reset, or have a new Trio, leave it in generic mode for now, otherwise you may get locked out of your phone if you update the firmware and may need to perform a factory reset again.


Login to the web GUI of the Trio:

1. Locare the IP address. (Settings, Status System Information. If in Zoom mode - Settings > About > Controller IP)

2. In a browser on a computer on the same subnet as your Trio, enter "https://[IP address of the Trio]"

3. Click Advanced“ or “Proceed“ when a warning message pops up. (Note: The warning appears because there is no website certificate. All we are doing is accessing the settings of the phone. In this case, it is safe to proceed. If no option to proceed shows up, try a different browser.)

4. The default password for the Trio is “456"

To change Date/Time:

1. Preferences > Date/Time
2. Change the SNTP Server to one of the dropdown options.
3. Change the Time Zone ID to the Time Zone the Trio is in.
4. Click “save“ at the bottom.
Updated Zoom controller versions for the Trio come with Poly firmware updates to the Trio. For now, you are unable to update the software version of Zoom on your Trio on your Zoom web portal.

Check for updates:

1. Click on Utilities > Software Upgrade
2. Check for updates
3. Click on the dropdown menu and select the latest update (bottom of the list)
4. Click update/Accept. Click through the windows that pop up as well. A window will display that the phone rebooted; however, the Trio may take up to 15 min to update. If already provisioned for Zoom, the Trio will not show any indication it is updating, but will reboot once it is done installing.

Provision the Trio for Zoom Rooms:

1. Once Trio is updated, change admin password if prompted on the Trio.
2. Refresh the web page and login again.
3. Click on "Simple Setup" on the top left.
4. Change the base profile to Zoom Rooms PC.
5. Save. The Trio will reboot.
Your Trio is now setup and ready to be paired to your Zoom Room.

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