Logitech Tap and Logitech Tap IP are two video conferencing touch controllers manufactured by Logitech, which are designed to make video conferencing easier, more productive, and more efficient.

Although the two devices are identical in appearance and are indistinguishable to most people, there are some key differences between them.

In this post, we'll provide a detailed comparison of Logitech Tap vs Logitech Tap IP to help you understand which device best fits your needs.


Logitech Tap is a 10.1-inch touch controller used in conjunction with Logitech's video conferencing room systems to make meetings more efficient and collaborative.

With Logitech Tap, you can start and join meetings with just one touch, and the device's user-friendly interface allows you to manage your meeting settings and participants easily.


The Logitech Tap is the original of the two and was quite unique when it first came to the market. 

The Tap is straightforward to connect and setup. The device must be physically connected to a Logitech-bundled PC via USB and is powered by a power supply, both are included in the package. 

One major advantage to the Tap vs the Tap IP is that it is capable of having an HDMI cable come out of the back of the unit to facilitate wired content sharing. This is not an option on the Logitech Tap IP.


Logitech Tap IP is the newer model of the two and features the same 10.1-inch touchscreen display and is identical in terms of end-user functionality, but the Tap IP supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) and connects to the Logitech RoomMate, Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini, and Zoom Room PCs wirelessly over the network.

Connecting devices over the network may not sound like huge advantage to some, but wireless connectivity can be a game changer if you don't want to run a cable across the floor. 

Although the Logitech Tap IP doesn't have the ability to facilitate wired HDMI content sharing, you can still provide this capability by running an HDMI to the table directly from the video conferencing room system. Better yet, check out the Logitech Swytch - a great accessory that not only facilitates wired content sharing, but you can also leverage the peripherals in the room (ie, the camera, microphone, and speaker) for when you want to run a video meeting directly from your laptop.

Another big advantage of the Tap IP is that it is $300 less expensive than the Tap.


Choosing between Logitech Tap and Logitech Tap IP depends on your specific needs and which video conferencing platform you're planning on running in the room. 

If you're implementing a Zoom Room, Logitech Tap IP is probably the way to go, as it will connect with any Zoom Room system you have, whether it's a PC or an appliance. 

If you're installing a Microsoft Teams Room, then it depends. If your room system is an appliance, like a Logitech Rally Bar or a Logitech RoomMate, then we'd recommend Tap IP. If you're deploying a Teams-PC, than the Logitech Tap is the way to go.

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