When hosting a Zoom conference meeting, we must provide the best audiovisual experience possible for all participants. That’s why is essential to get the best Zoom Room hardware. Let’s check out in detail what do we need to achieve our goals.


Though there are different kits and solutions according to every brand’s needs, the basic kit includes the following devices and connectors.


The Zoom Room technology is available for both operating systems, so we can use any of the following equipment:

  • iPad Mini and regular 9.7-inch iPad with console and PoE/Data: Apple technology and Zoom make a perfect match, as proved by any of these tablets featuring chips with 64-bit architecture and 2 GB of RAM. Additionally, a beautifully designed console such as a Heckler-Design model enables a perfect view from any angle.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S: Android environment is also a good fit for Zoom. When choosing the best Android tablet available, Samsung might definitely be the best option thanks to its 64 GB internal memory and its Snapdragon chip.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 “ plus secure stand: videoconferencing will look amazing by using the most popular Galaxy Tab model. This 10-inch wonder allows an ongoing workflow free from any kind of slowness or interference. Also, the secure stand Heckler Design is a very convenient and elegant piece of hardware packed with ports and cameras for a better Zoom video meeting experience.


Though full HD (1080p) is good enough for any regular conference meeting, the newest 4K TV models will work like a charm, especially if we want to get the best out of our broadband fiber optic internet. This speed delivers a crystal-clear picture so no one misses a single detail.

The two screens are needed for dual-screen presentations. On the other hand, the size of every screen will depend on our needs. Typically, a 46 to 55 inches display will be enough, though we may need 75-86 inches to display ready for a wall mount for larger rooms. A very good example of this is the UU340C series from LG with wide compatibility with broadcasting technologies such as Zoom.


One of the most important components of Zoom Room hardware is the camera. Thanks to these gadgets we will be able to host long-lasting meeting conferences from any part of the world where this technology is available. So, let’s pay attention to the best options:

  • Polycom EagleEye Director II: this camera automatically makes a close-up to participants who start talking without interrupting the meeting nor using a remote control. It also offers a smaller view of the whole group in one single video sequence.

  • Logitech PTZ Pro: it is a top-notch kind of camera developed for demanding videoconferencing plans. It features a 90° field of view, as well as a 10x HD Zoom. Also, it includes dual brackets for both wall mount and tabletop elevation.

  • Logitech Meetup: there is a different kind of camera for every brand, as proved by this device. Logitech Meetup is designed for smaller rooms and conference meetings with fewer participants. However, it lives up to any company expectations by delivering closer visibility. Also, its compact design avoids dealing with multiple long and inconvenient cables and connectors.


We cannot talk about having a great meeting conference without good speakers and microphones:

  • Polycom Trio 8500: One of the most advanced speakers, which mutes automatically any external noise within a range of 4.3; also, reducing the echo. It is perfect for medium-sized conference rooms.

  • Revolabs FLX UC 1500: A plug and play speakerphone that comes with two external microphones, providing an audio coverage of 360°. Ideal for large-sized conference rooms.


For optimal connectivity, we recommend an upstream and downstream bandwidth of 2.0 Mbps for a single screen; and 2.0 Mbps up/6.0 Mbps down for dual and triple screens.


Let’s not underestimate the utility of connectors such as:

  • 6 ft. USB to HDMI adapter: one of the most common and important cables for video conference, it connects an iPad or electronic tablet to a large display. For better performance, always choose TV sets or conference large displays with at least 3 HDMI ports.

  • 6 ft. display port to HDMI: it connects a laptop or desktop to an HDTV monitor. It supports high definition and guarantees perfect audio and video transmission.

  • USB Active Repeater cable male to female: designed for the best USB transmission possible between types of equipment several meters apart.

  • USB port: this convenient and small four USB ports like the one branded by Icron Ranger (2304 model), interconnects equipment up to 100 meters apart.

  • Wired HDMI screen share via capture device: with this one-plug device we can send the content from a laptop or smartphone to the Zoom Room user interface.

  • USB to serial cable adapter: still very useful, it connects a laptop or desktop to any other device with one USB port.


For regular meetings, getting a mobile cart is a very good idea. It includes the following:

  • A TV set: some brands, like DTEN, offer different packages according to our needs, like regular 4K large displays, or the ultra-responsive screen version. The most expensive sets include a dual-screen plan for the best video conference capability possible. This display will function as a digital dashboard.

  • Mobile stand: it holds the screen in place and allows great visibility.

The basics of Zoom Room hardware includes several pieces of equipment, modern gadgets, displays and connectors meant to deliver the best visual experience. Before establishing a budget, we must know perfectly our needs and goals for a wise investment. Fortunately, we can get all these technologies through carefully designed prepackaged options or just choosing the best standout gadgets individually.

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