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In today's competitive business environments that demand higher levels of productivity among team members, there is a need to create agile and innovative workplaces. In this sense, thanks to technology advancements, companies have been able to enhance their collaborative spaces with video conferencing solutions, which help to connect people and teams dispersed in multiple locations―from remote workers to international partners.

Video conferencing has changed the way teams, partners, and collaborators communicate in their day-to-day work. A recent report by Lifesize has revealed that 59 percent of workers use video solutions at work; where 45 percent of these employees use video calling on their daily or weekly basis. Certainly, the use of video conferencing solutions has increased, as declared by 49 percent of the respondents.

So, if you want to boost creative thinking, efficiency, and collaboration in your business, you should integrate and design dedicated video conference rooms within your workspaces.


Integrating an efficient video conference room in your business is not an easy task. You will have to analyze the different needs of your team members, as well as those of your business partners, clients, and even visitors. Take into account the next aspects:

  • Room size - Do you need individual, small, mid-size, or large conference rooms?

  • Meeting purposes - Are you looking to conduct workshops, interviews, one-on-one sessions, large group conferences, or customer-facing events in your meeting space?

  • Video conferencing hardware - Consider deploying microphones, cameras, displays, conference phones, speakers, headsets, etc. in accordance with your meeting purposes.

  • Video conferencing system - You can choose software-based video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, among others.

To help you choose a video conference room that perfectly meets the needs of your business, take a look at the most common meeting rooms as well as its adequate video conferencing solutions


Phone Booth rooms are mini space solutions for your business. It is a completely individual and private space where people can hold a one-on-one video conference without interruptions. With these rooms, your workers will be isolated from background noise as phone booths usually are integrated with soundproof wall panels.

As 80 percent of business professionals use video conferencing for one-on-one meetings, this is a great room solution for open workspaces as it ensures smoother video calls. For professional-quality video conferences in phone booth rooms, we suggest deploying an Ultra HD 4K camera like Logitech Brio, which can be easily connected to laptops through USB. It also offers two omnidirectional mics for noise canceling.


Huddle rooms are characterized for being small meeting spaces where up to 5 or even 6 participants can be accommodated. This video conference room allows teams to come together for faster problem-solving. With adequate technological infrastructure, you can foster creativity among your workers while achieving effective communication.

With Vivo, you can have a well-equipped huddle room for your video conferences with the VizoHuddle solution, customized to your business' needs. VizoHuddle is a plug-and-play solution that includes the ideal video conferencing hardware (camera, meeting room console, speakerphone, and desktop computer) for your meeting room.

According to Cisco's research, 90 percent of business professionals state the importance of easy-to-use and familiar technology in huddle spaces.


These traditional conference rooms are ideal for larger groups of up to 30 participants. The main purpose of this room is to enable consistent and efficient face-to-face conversations between all team members. As these are mid-size or large meeting rooms, we suggest deploying a dedicated TV screen or even dual-screen setups for a better video presentation.

At Vivo, we offer centralized solutions for your conference room through our most versatile solution: VizoPro. Get a high-quality camera (1080p) and audio for greater user experience.


Executive rooms are considered as the highest level meeting spaces in businesses; regularly employ for professional conferences such as committee meetings. These rooms are designed to meet superior video conferencing solutions. In this sense, each participant must have the ability to see, hear, and communicate clearly and precisely, regardless of his/her location within the room.

For this reason, you will require the most advanced technology in terms of audio and video―such as automatic camera tracking, light balance, and noise-canceling. Vivo's VizoExec solution is ideal for your executive rooms.


For companies that have continuous workshops, seminars, and onboarding processes, training rooms become an essential part of their activities. This type of space helps create an environment comfortable without any technical concerns that impede the progress of the training.

Training rooms tend to be larger than average conference rooms and require more technological equipment than standard meeting spaces. Therefore, it is important to choose a 4K webcam with a wide field of view like Huddly IQ. Also, opt for an audio solution with a long-range pickup like Trio.


All-hands meeting rooms are designed for bringing together your entire company. These spaces are used by medium-sized companies and enterprises that have multiple departments and want to carry out meetings with all the members.

As these meeting rooms are designed to review relevant news of the company and, also, to answer questions about daily work, you must have the right video conferencing hardware. In this case, you can consider deploying our video conferencing solution: VizoPro.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that your business requires a secure video conferencing platform for conducting your real-time meetings. For this, you should opt for software-based systems such as Zoom―which includes AES-256 encryption, single sign-on access, and multiple authentication options―to ensure the protection of your sensitive data.

According to research studies, 27.6 percent of small businesses, 56.2 percent of medium-sized businesses, and 83 percent of large businesses have stated that they are very likely to purchase a video collaboration solution for their workplaces.

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