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2020 changed the lives of millions of employees as the workforce went remote. Working remotely can benefit businesses and staff in many ways if proper measures are in place, but without careful planning and execution, remote work can be more distracting or unproductive than helpful. Adding ongoing Covid-19 concerns and employees’ ability and desire to stay at home, it doesn’t look like remote and hybrid offices are going to be optional for companies that want to stay competitive.

To make the transition easier, Vivo has rounded up the most important elements decision-makers should consider when transferring to a hybrid work model. Regardless of your role, , this guide will help you set up an effective remote workspace.

In order for remote and hybrid options to work, you’ll need to ensure that remote team members have the tools necessary to efficiently work from home and that your in-office teams have the equipment they need to connect with them quickly and easily.


Unified communication platforms are a must when working with remote and hybrid teams. Common UC platform features include individual and group chat, video calling, phone calling, and file sharing to connect workers across the country in real time.

Most platforms also feature individual team channels where remote and in-office workers can collaborate on team projects, share files and media, and stay current on developments inside and outside the company as they happen.

The hallmark of UC platforms is their cross-device compatibility. Team members can join calls, video conferences, chats and more from their cell phones, desktops, and compatible in-office video conferencing room solutions for ultimate flexibility and connectivity.



With your platform in place to keep your teams’ lines of communication open and projects organized, it’s time to find the right hardware. From personal devices to video conferencing equipment, the hardware you deploy will be the sensory component that connects your teams on a personal level. Hardware is the piece that defines the quality of your teams’ communication. Voice tones and inflections, facial expressions, and group dynamics provide clarity, encourage accountability, and engage attendees no matter where they’re located.


  • Speakerphones
  • Headsets
  • Webcams
  • Peripherals (keyboards, mice, docks, additional monitors, etc.)


High-quality audio is one of the more obvious necessities in a remote work environment. Misunderstandings, missed information, and asking for information to be repeated all slow down productivity, waste time, and can lead to costly mistakes.

Mimicking face-to-face voice audio and clarity is important, and dedicated audio specialists have risen to the occasion to provide advanced microphones and speakerphones that accommodate large meeting rooms and loud open offices alike.


  • Poly Sync 20 - Ideal for executive offices and remote workers, this smart portable speakerphone tracks voices while canceling background noise.

  • Jabra Speak 510 - A portable speakerphone for on-the-go teams of up to four people with a 15-hour battery life and USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Logi Dock - The home-office superhero docking station that streamlines all of your at-home collaboration tools and meeting controls.


In home offices shared with families, other remote workers, or pets, quality headsets that block out background noise for employees—and those on the other end of their calls—can take the place of speakerphones.

Wireless headsets like the Logitech Zone Wireless Headset are convenient options that give workers the freedom to stay connected everywhere their work takes them.


  • Logitech Zone Wireless - The active noise cancelling Bluetooth headset offers complete freedom for remote workers in busy environments.

  • Poly Voyager 4300 - An entry level Bluetooth headset with all the nice-to-haves, including 50-meter wireless range and Acoustic Fence technology to cut the background noise.

  • Jabra Evolve2 85 - An elite headset that lets employees bring their best wherever they go: in the office, at home, on the subway, and everywhere in between.


Much like factory speakers, the webcam included on the average laptop isn’t designed to accommodate the needs of the workplace. Grainy, dull, and lifeless video paired with the fact that most built-in webcams don’t have the ability to adjust for low and colored lighting makes connecting in an authentic, distraction-free way difficult.


  • Logitech Brio - The 4K camera features HDR and RightLight 3 technology to provide crystal clear video in a variety of imperfect lighting scenarios.

  • Poly Studio P5 - The professional-grade webcam features a built-in microphone and durable design for safe travels and high-def collaborating.

  • Poly Studio P - A professional-grade all-in-one personal solution for the conversations that matter most.


Beyond the ability to communicate efficiently, the productivity of remote workers relies on their ability to work efficiently, too. Stable keyboards, ergonomic mice, and additional displays amplify home workspaces by making common tasks and processes more efficient.


With a remote workforce, executives and managers will need high-impact personal tools to connect with their teams and business partners whether they’re still physically in the office or working remotely, too. For executives, communication quality and clarity is essential. With built-in video and calling, executives can have their high-value conversations from a distance without sacrificing impact.


  • Poly Studio P - A professional-grade all-in-one personal solution for the conversations that matter most.

  • HP Collaboration G6 27 All-in-One PC - The Zoom-Rooms-equipped all-in-one touch screen doubles as a desktop and a meeting solution built into one.

  • Neat One - The first USB-C collaboration device with a built-in professional-grade camera, speaker, and microphone array for ultimate portability.

  • DTEN ME - A personal, portable touchscreen display for an ultimate at-home whiteboarding experience for the most involved collaborators on the team.


To find more customized platform and hardware recommendations for your workforce, connect with a collaboration expert at Vivo. We’d be happy to help you uncover your top collaboration needs and wade through the many options on the market to find the one that fits your organization’s needs.

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